Meet the team


Ana Garcia // Photographer & Cinematographer

Hi, I am Ana! On the day of your wedding you will see me mostly with the bride, I am her exclusive professional photographer. It is such a privilege to capture the most precious moments between you and your loved ones. My passions are my faith and my family. I am the mom of whom I call my child genius, Cassandra. My sweet fella is my dear husband, Ivan. I thank God for these two important people in my life. My family is little but I am all about them!:) I am currently attending college and my goal is to become a doctor. I am a busy body and often you will find my husband and daughter telling me to sit down and relax. I love to rescue animals and I will not hesitate to stop in the middle of a road to save a turtle. One of my favorite scripture sums up my life’s principles: “Love, Joy, peace, patience, kindness, goodness, faith…against such things there is no law (Galatians 5:22).”



Hi, I am Ivan, the creative artist and CEO of Ana & Ivan. I have been married for 18 years to the love of my life, Ana, and we have a beautiful intelligent daughter, Cassandra. At a very early age I was fascinated with technology. I have developed a love for science and enjoy listening to the podcast of Neil deGrasse Tyson pretty much every day. Often I am in the kitchen cooking delicious meals for my family in my cast iron skillets because I love to experiment with flavors. My family says I have a funny laugh that is contagious. I love a good fresh pair of shorts and sandals in this Houston heat. I also love to use movie quotes to express myself to my family. My passion for photography began in High School and I have been doing it professional since 2005. The invention of the camera has changed the world because now we can capture, memories that will last a lifetime. I am humbled to use it and create beautiful images for our clients.

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Hi, I am Casie, daughter of my goofy dad, Ivan and fierce mom, Ana. They like to say that I am their one and only, because I am their only child. I am 18 years old, but often get told I look like I am 12. Growing up I considered myself a professional singer in the shower and an expert in air guitar. Learning how to play the violin, and now the cello, has taught me to appreciate music. I love bright colors, Netflix and my bedroom. My mentality is to be inspired by the people around me and use their life experiences to improve myself. I learned that communication and a positive attitude not only creates peace, but also strength in family.I have always known I not only want to, but need to become a doctor to encourage other women into scientific fields and aid patients who have been intimidated by hospital regulations and costs. I plan to join nonprofit organizations and use my skills as a doctor to create something bigger than myself.